18 April 2013

It has been a long time since I have blogged. A very long time. Six months long time. There are days when I really miss it and say "I am going to start blogging again," then I think of all the catch up I would have to play and my desire to start blogging again goes away. Completely. Well, I am here to tell you, I am back. I have a goal of blogging at least weekly. I might eventually play catch up, but today I am choosing not to.

Jeremy just bought me my first "big girl camera". I am so excited! It is a Nikon D3200, I am in love with it and have only been able to play with it for a half hour. I have begged, saved and drooled over this camera for years, and when he told me we were really buying it I was jumping up and down for four days.

I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I would always make my friends and little siblings dress up and go outside with me so I could take their pictures, to this day they hate me for it, but it was something I loved doing. And still love doing. I have a real deep love for good photography. So when my someone tells me they hired a "photographer" and I ask who it is, if I haven't heard of them I really worry. I want to cry for those people. Not that I know every photographer ever, but I have a pretty good memory and I have spent hours days looking at photographers websites and facebook pages. I long to be as great as the good ones someday, and hope I am already better than the bad ones. I almost cried when my mom didn't want to pay for a real photographer at our wedding and for our engagement pictures. It was something that was so important to me, we do have some awesome pictures a friend took of us for our engagement pictures and Jeremy's parents were sweet enough to pay for a fantastic photographer for our wedding, and although hardly any of those pictures are hanging on our walls (I am really horrible about things like that) they are pictures I love and look at all the time.

My all time favourite style of photography is lifestyle photography. I could spend hours looking at pictures of people living their life, every single photograph seems so perfect. Because the people in them are doing what they are best at, and I looooove it! Especially because Jeremy and I don't pose nicely, we always look so awkward. You know those awkward pictures you see on Pinterest and Facebook? The lady with three arms? The girl with two heads? The one who looks naked? Well I am pretty sure 90% of the pictures that have ever been taken of us could be posted RIGHT NEXT to them. We are awkward people in general, then you throw a camera in front of us and all heck breaks loose.

My new camera has given me a new creative outlet and with that I am giving myself a challenge. A challenge I hope to rock at. I want to become a super RAD photographer, who doesn't? And this challenge should help me get there. I am challenging myself to take pictures everyday, to improve, and to blog about my progress. You didn't want to follow a photography blog? To bad! But there is a pretty good chance most of the pictures I will be taking are of my adorable baby (he is 14 months old by the way!!!) so it will still be our family blog. And please hang in there with the bad photography, I am learning. I would love suggestions, help, criticism and love in the comment section.

Day One
This is the only good picture we got today, the darn battery had to charge. 

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