19 April 2013

Day Two

 Some days I am a super rad mom. I wake up to the sound of baby gabbers coming from the room next door, jump out of bed and go in to snuggle my baby while singing good morning. I feed my baby all the best stuff and make sure he gets four servings of dairy, fruits, and vegetables; six servings of grains and two servings of protein rich food a day. I get dinner made by five o’clock so we can all eat together around the kitchen table. My floors get swept and steamed and we are all bathed and well hydrated. I wash, fold and put away three loads of laundry and vacuum the whole house after I make our beds. We make it to story time at the library after getting in our hour long walk with at the mall. I teach my child where his toes are and read him lots of books. And then there are days like today, when I am not so super rad, probably more just like awesome.
It all started when I turned off the baby monitor when Scott started screaming because I needed 5 more minutes of sleep. I let him shove a handful of Gorilla Munch cereal into his mouth then fill it with milk for his breakfast. I let him eat from pouches three times today when he stood in his high chair throwing food on the ground because he didn’t want to chew or swallow anything else. And when he begged for a refill of cheddar bunnies ten minutes later I gave them to him. I forgot about the load of laundry I started in the washer two days ago and there are two more baskets overflowing that still need to be started. I taught him to throw balls in the house and completely neglected our exercise routine. I talked him into a second rest time an hour after his first. I have sent him on more man hunts for his elephant than normal. And a five o’clock family dinner at the table isn’t looking too promising today. I wouldn’t say today was a failure by any means and I am sure it’ll get better when Jeremy gets home from school, plus we always have tomorrow. But is occasionally eating dinner after bedtime on the living room floor really that bad? 

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