23 April 2013

Only minutes after waking up this morning Scott brought us his shoes, with him still in his jammies I velcroed those tiny little TOMS on his feet and he wore them all morning long. After nap time I lathered him down with two coats of sunscreen, got him dressed in a shirt he had clearly outgrown, put his chubby little feet in his baby sandals and before we left his room he insisted I put his baseball hat on his head. He (sort of) patiently stood at the door knocking and waving bye-bye waiting for us to get our crap together. He talked his little heart out on the way to the park, because he knew we were going to his favorite place and the second we got out of the car he pointed to the swings, begging us to go there first. We took turns pushing him, until we couldn't stand the squeak and sequel of the beloved neighbourhood baby swings any longer. Some days the kid is really hard to please, but most days he just wants to be outside enjoying the sun and perfect spring weather. --- He kept his shoes and hat on until I took them off him at dinner time. I can't believe how fast my baby has turned into a little boy.

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