03 May 2013

Time is going by so quickly. Some days I just want to yell SLOWDOWN! There are a lot of big changes coming up in our life and we are excited but at the same time over whelmed. Graduation, moving, career decisions, you know only minor stuff. But the main thing is the toddler who is becoming a man. I kid you not. There have been multiple occasions this week that I have had to stop and go pick up my one year old and hug him and kiss up until he finally gives up and gives loves back. Example número uno: on Wednesday Jeremy was in our room with the door closed getting dressed Scott missed the door being closed by 1.2 seconds, he stood up and knocked. With his little fist clenched saying "da da. Da da." When daddy didn't answer he stood up on his tip toes and tried his hardest to open the door. I swear for 3 seconds he was 17. Standing there in his stripey V-neck and cargo shorts waiting to ask dad to borrow the car for his 6:00 date. 
Example número dos. While driving through town we saw our missionaries walking down a street carrying their backpacks. You could tell they were headed somewhere important doing something they really cared about. They walked with purpose and they looked so happy. (We have awesome missionaries, I would be proud to call either of them my son/brother/friend. They are awesome.) I couldn't help but think about their Mommas back home and then my little hear melted. In less than 17 years I will be putting my (grown-up) son on an air plane to anywhere. Alaska, south Caralina, Panama, Guatemala, seriously anywhere. And for half a second I felt like that was where we were headed. If the next 17 years goes as fast as this last year has then I need more time. Do you think if I keep him in onesies and rompers and let him run around without pants on he will stay little forever? It hasn't worked yet. 
Example número tres: today I was holding Jeremy's phone next to mine. The background on his is a picture of itty bitty swinging a few months ago and on mine is a picture of Scott swinging just a couple weeks ago. Holy smokes. His little face has changed so much! He's gotten bigger, his teeth have gotten bigger, his hair longer and fuller he is growing up so fast! Please slow down! 

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