19 May 2013

Debbie asked me to help her plan a surprise bridal shower for Merridee, after a month of planning it finally happened last weekend. It was great. I think it really was a surprise, which is really hard/impossible for me and it was the hardest to hide in the last 24 hours! Keeping the secret included hiding packing slips and cards in packages Ben and Merridee opened the evening before the shower which really were gifts sent from friends and relatives unable to attend. As well as all of us smuggling dishes, vintage sheets and lots of food into the house while no one was home or looking.

Invitations are by far my favorite part of any event, I go crazy looking for ideas and smashing them altogether  to get exactly what I want. I am pretty proud of these babies, I water colored half a dozen options then scanned in my favorites to make these double sided beauties. I forgot to take good pictures of them and with the post sunset lighting in my kitchen this what you get. 
Internet = awkward blurring of addresses

We had a picnic theme going, that I was really excited about, I had this fantastic afternoon lunch envisioned for all of us and then the wonderful 90+ degrees weather hit. So we set up eight pop-up tents and pulled out as many chairs as we could, a few of us younger ladies ended up on sheets but it was still a great time. We were all sweaty and hot, but it was so worth it. 

We decorated with old furniture and my sweet husband ran to farmers market that morning to pick up fresh flowers. We stuffed all those flowers into beakers and test tubes which turned out way better than I hoped it would. 

 Check out that awesome green plant!^
After filling our bellies with sandwiches, salads and fruit we gathered around to watch Merridee open gifts. For dessert we had home made ice cream sandwiches, perfect for the hot spring day.  

Merridee got lots of nice things and we had a blast celebrating her and her coming nuptials.
 Poor Merridee had no idea what she was doing that day and wore jeans. Probably should have planned that better, oops. 

Naturally Scott wanted to help Merridee open everything, he was right in the middle of all the commotion. He loves Merridee so much. 

This would be one of those gifts we had to steal the note out of before she read it. We decided to re-wrap it just for kicks. 

Congratulations Merridee we are happy to have as part of the family!

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