20 May 2013

This is Scott, incase you didn't know.
He is 15 months old and one of the sweetest boys I know.
His eyes are as blue as can be and they melt the heart of every one he meets.
He doesn't cuddle often but when he does it is the best.
He always rubs his eyes when he wants to go to bed and no matter how short we cut his little nails he gets those little cuts on his nose.
He loves pillows and blankets.
His perfect little lips are always covered in the perfect amount of drool and his kisses are fantastic.
He knows no stranger.
He asks for kisses from every soul he meets and he expects to plant a big juicey one right on their kisser, he gets disappointed when they give him their cheek.
He knows where his head, eyes, nose, mouth, arms and toes are but calls them all eyyyyyyyyyyyyes.
He is as cute as a button.
I love him dearly.
And I know he loves me.
But right now, all week long, he has been a grump.
Like a mean old man grump.
The kind you send out on the front pouch to sit and be grumpy and only see him to take him his meals.
He has had a runny nose.
He got a new tooth.
And he learned to hit.
And scratch.
He whines and cries about everything.
He can't reach the rocks from the patio.
I won't let him have my phone.
He cant see every thing I am doing on the counter.
I won't let him walk out into the street.
I make him hold my hand in the parking lot.
He has to sit in a cart at the grocery store.
Grumpy. All day long.
I've heard it is the age, I know he is feeling a little under the weather, but is scratching my face open really needed. I have seriously considered shipping him to Grandma. Please wake up happy tomorrow.

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